Control Center Approach

Transform your business with the control center approach – as part of the SAP MaxAttention and SAP ActiveEmbedded offerings. To innovate profitably, you need more than just creativity. As innovation cycles get shorter, the ability to maintain a competitive edge depends more than ever on being able to quickly implement great ideas using the latest software innovations. This is why SAP developed the control center approach.
The control center approach helps customers to innovate better and to run their business more cost-efficiently. It is designed enable smooth implementations, operations, and increase satisfaction at all stages of your application lifecycle.

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Related Control Centers

Innovation Control Center

At the outset of an implementation or innovation project, the Innovation Control Center can help you build SAP like a factory with quick, cost-effective, and modification-free implementations.

Operations Control Center

After the go-live, the Innovation Control Center transitions to the Operations Control Center. Its purpose is to help ensure your software solutions run efficiently without disruptions and to drive continuous improvements for faster value realization.

Mission Control Centers

The Innovation and Operations Control Centers are connected in real time to dedicated Mission Control Centers from SAP. Running behind the scenes, the Mission Control Centers connect your teams with the best SAP experts, providing proactive identification and fast resolution of your issues.

Vodafone ensures a smooth go-live though the Innovation Control Center

Due to the use of the innovation control center approach delivered by SAP MaxAttention services, Vodafone was able to ensure a smoother implementation, reduction in the project risk, and optimization of business processes while migrating SAP CRM to SAP HANA’s platform.

SAP Control Center Concept

Ensure your SAP software implementation and on-going IT operations are fast, safe, and cost-effective with the control center approach from SAP. These expert support services use best practice solution provisioning to help avoid unnecessary modifications and unique integrations, helping you to run solutions efficiently for faster value realization.

Mission Control Center – Show and Tell

SAP AG has launched a new control center approach to help customers get the most out of their SAP investments. Delivered by the SAP Active Global Support organization and unique in the software industry, the control center approach helps companies achieve the most effective and efficient implementations and optimize ongoing operations.