How do you maximize the value of support offerings from SAP?
The range is broad: from SAP Enterprise Support services to our premium support engagements. We offer you tools, reports, programs, and methodologies to leverage the full potential of your software solutions. The SAP Solution Manager application management solution for example can help you manage your software environment effectively throughout the lifecycle of your applications. You are able to empower your IT staff via the SAP Enterprise Support Academy or identify room for improvement via the SAP Enterprise Support Opportunity report.

Control Center Approach

With the control center approach, you can transform IT into an engine for business innovation and earn a well-deserved place within your company as a key driver of business strategy. With fewer modifications in your environment, you can reduce complexity and lower IT costs. And with a more standardized software landscape, you can readily take advantage of new innovation opportunities.

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SAP Activate

SAP Activate gives you the freedom to get up and running quickly and to innovate continuously with SAP S/4HANA. Combining SAP Best Practices, guided configuration, and optimized agile methodology, SAP Activate is the quickest way to simplify and streamline your enterprise operations with SAP S/4HANA.

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SAP Enterprise Support Academy

The SAP Enterprise Support Academy program offers a wide range of services and educational content, empowering your people to develop their skills and boost their knowledge. Included as part of the SAP Enterprise Support agreement at no additional cost, this program enables you to fully maximize the benefit of SAP Enterprise Support offerings and the SAP software that runs your business.

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SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager maximizes the value of your support engagement with SAP. You’ll be able to streamline internal processes, minimize manual effort, reduce operational
costs, and introduce new business functionality with greater ease.

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