Pedra Agroindustrial

  • Country: Brazil
  • Industry: Consumer Products
  • SAP Services and Support Portfolio: SAP Enterprise Support

Pedra Agroindustrial started with the adoption of SAP S/4HANA with help from SAP Enterprise Support and just after this, the company decided to add even more agility and assertiveness to the business by speeding decision-making process with real-time analytics. For this reason, they opted out for SAP Analytics Cloud as their data intelligence solution. Pedra Agroindustrial relied on the experts from SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council program part of SAP Enterprise Support offerings. By participating in the program, the company got all the tools and guidance needed to have practical experience with SAP Analytics Cloud, which was the foundation for their solution adoption process. With this, customer can now maximize the use of SAP Analytics Cloud for strategic projects to make faster, more confident decisions using advanced predictive analytics and machine learning.


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