NHK Spring

  • Country: Japan
  • Industry: Automotive
  • SAP Services and Support Portfolio: SAP Innovation Services, SAP Innovative Business Solutions

When manufacturers and builders need quality spring suspension solutions, they turn to NHK Spring Co.,Ltd. Operating a global network out of Japan that extends across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, NHK Spring relies on complex and far-reaching ERP systems to keep operations running. That means users must get the help they need when IT system issues arise. But the speed with which NHK Spring’s IT service teams could respond was encumbered by manual processes, such as e-mail. The company wanted to explore how intelligent technologies such as chatbots and machine learning could help. The SAP Innovation Services organization helped NHK Spring Co.,Ltd. design an intelligent ticketing system and chatbot with SAP Conversational AI services and the SAP Service Ticket Intelligence application.


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