Landing Jeju Development

  • Country: South Korea
  • Industry: Sports and Entertainment
  • SAP Services and Support Portfolio: SAP Enterprise Support

When you are ready for a unique, fun-filled, luxury vacation, head to South Korea’s Jeju Shinhwa World. Operated by Landing Jeju Development Co. Ltd., this world-class resort has it all – from fine international dining to casinos, waterslides, a theme park, and more. To better integrate and manage its hotel and resort business, Landing Jeju Development made a total enterprise IT transformation by moving to a central digital core. As the company plans to expand over the next few years, it was looking for expert guidance to help continually improve user experiences and business processes so it can maximize its intelligent IT investments. With the help of SAP Enterprise Support services, Landing Jeju Development now can better manage SAP Fiori user experience and apps on SAP S/4HANA– streamlining processes and clearing backlogs and increases user satisfaction by 20%.



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