GMK Holdings

  • Country: China
  • Industry: Cross-Industry
  • SAP Services and Support Portfolio: SAP MaxAttention

From electronics to fast food, consumers can be confident that the restaurants and retailers they frequent get the highest quality metal and chicken from GMK Holdings Co. Ltd. Operating the largest and most advanced copper smelters and the largest and most modern chain of chicken raising and processing plants in China, GMK needed a better handle on first-hand insight in order to minimize its risks, capitalize on market conditions, and exceed customer expectations with high-quality products.

To meet the challenge, GMK created a risk control system based on the SAP HANA platform that helps identify commodity and financial derivative trading, similar to the financial trading market. The platform also unifies customer data for all GMK subsidiaries on a common enterprise resource planning (ERP) framework using the SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA application. GMK is now better positioned to provide the safest food to consumers and optimize production efficiency – all while managing risk with real-time business data to ensure stable and profitable outcomes.



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