Christchurch City Council

  • Country: New Zealand
  • Industry: Public Sector
  • SAP Services and Support Portfolio: SAP Innovative Business Solutions, SAP Customer Experience Services

Over the past decade, the Christchurch City Council has focused on making Christchurch, New Zealand, a modern, mobile, and innovative city. One goal of this initiative was to improve the experience of citizen engagement with the council and the services the council provides. But receiving requests, issuing work orders, dispatching field-service teams, and providing feedback to citizens proved to be a complex, manual process. The council saw the opportunity to use a cutting-edge CRM solution in the cloud to provide a tailored, omnichannel experience for its 380,000 citizens. Moving to the cloud with SAP Customer Experience solutions and with guidance from SAP Innovative Business Solution, Christchurch City Council was able to provide access to 46 public services in the cloud – delivering a great citizen engagement experience.



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