SAP Support Services

Overview of services which are available as a component part of a Premium Engagement

This area provides descriptions of the Services which are available as a component of the Premium Engagement, SAP MaxAttention / SAP ActiveEmbedded Services. The selection of Service(s) is determined between the technical quality manager (TQM) and Licensee and documented in the support plan.

1. Planning and Safeguarding

Assessment and Benchmarking for Implementation and Conversion

Planning the Digital Transformation

This planning service supports an end-to-end plan of the customer’s digitization strategy based on SAP solutions. The service can start with the creation of a strategic road map and can end with the concrete transformation planning of an SAP implementation project. The planning the digital transformation service combines the applicable portions of best practices, solutions, and trends, along with business needs, to derive a customer-specific transformation road map driven by customer-specific values, risks, and efforts which are all focused on the customer’s SAP landscape.


Innovation Strategy and Road Map

The focus of the innovation strategy and road map service will be on business and end-to-end architecture / landscape. The innovation strategy road map will document key aspects of the target enterprise architecture and strategic road map of mutually identified initiatives.


SAP S/4HANA Value and Implementation Strategy

The SAP S/4HANA value and implementation strategy produces an SAP S/4HANA value assessment report which provides an initial assessment of the SAP S/4HANA project for “Value”, in other words, alignment with licensee’s stated business priorities and strategic initiatives, as well as a recommended implementation strategy.


Migration Planning Workshop

The migration planning workshop is a core planning session typically comprised of multiple days of onsite workshops. Each workshop is preceded with a preparation phase which can include remote assessment of licensee systems. The workshop will include functional and technical planning as input to concrete migration plans for the initial transformation program. A workshop can also be performed to assess user enablement (training) topics.


SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check

The SAP S/4HANA readiness check is a preparation step for the migration planning service to check in advance the conversion readiness status of the licensee’s productive system.


SAP HANA Feasibility Check

The SAP HANA Feasibility Check service benefits the SAP solution by identifying/finding critical business processes (transactions/reports) in the solution landscape that may benefit most from SAP HANA technology.  For example, the identification and elimination of database intensive transactions/reports can help avoid performance bottlenecks and to optimize the response times and throughput of the SAP solution.


Gap Validation

The Gap Validation service provides advice on how to avoid SAP source code modifications whenever possible by using SAP standard functionality.


Migration Planning to SAP HANA

The migration to SAP HANA planning service will provide recommendations on a migration plan using a migration method that supports the downtime goals of the business and which builds a consistent transport landscape as a means to properly reflect the execution of critical business processes during testing.


Technical Architecture and Infrastructure

The architecture and technical infrastructure service will provide an analysis of the technical architecture of SAP HANA which supports the needs of the business. The analysis will aid in establishing an infrastructure to support operations following the go-live and the capability to scale with the business.


Technical Feasibility Check

The technical feasibility check supports the project team at the early stage or the SAP solution implementation, after the business blueprint and the technical design are completed. It focuses on the technical feasibility of the planned SAP solution in terms of infrastructure, sizing, and integration requirements for identified core business processes. SAP checks that the planned design is technically realistic, maintainable, and supportable.


SAP Technical Integration Check

The SAP Technical Integration Check service supports the project team at a critical stage of a project. The foundations of the target solution have been set. Is this going to result in smooth go-live and reliable solution operations? Have the risks and issues identified along the blueprint, realization, and test phases been mitigated? Will the business requirement be met according to the service level goals you have in pace with the business? Will your end-to-end flow of information be supported in terms of integration, data consistency, and reliability? Are all relevant areas covered with the currently defined administration processes and procedures? Might performance and system stability become critical topics?
The SAP Technical Integration Check is tailored to assess and provide safeguard recommendations regarding the integration and operability of the core business processes across a system landscape.


Integration Validation

Integration validation assesses the technical readiness of the entire solution for go-live. It addresses areas like data consistency, exception management, performance and scalability, system integration, batch and volume processing. The focus of integration validation is both technical validation of the core business processes and preparation for the subsequent efficient operations of the software solution.

Going Live


This service focuses on identifying the factors that pose a risk or could result in an issue during your implementation, upgrade, or migration. To validate the technical readiness of your organization for productive use of your  SAP software, our experts help to perform a comprehensive analysis and provide recommendations towards optimization of selected core business processes and the technical setup of your solution.


SAP GoingLive On-Site Support

The SAP GoingLive On-Site service is a standardized method to support companies in critical go-live/upgrade situations. During this service, SAP service engineers may bring expert knowledge onsite to help minimize the risks of the go-live/upgrade.


Operational Readiness

This service will help to prepare the operations team on the procedures to properly monitor and operate the new database and infrastructure.

Assessment and Benchmarking for Operations and Upgrades

SAP Solution Management Assessment

In the operations phase, SAP Solution Management Assessment focuses on the licensee’s core business processes by mapping the technical and functional aspects. Once mapped, the licensee’s core business processes are then assessed and potential issues affecting them are identified. A final report is provided containing recommendations and suggestions for appropriate optimization services to address identified issues.


SAP Downtime Assessment

The SAP Downtime Assessment service is a technical service to minimize downtime during an ABAP system update. The service is valid for technical upgrades of SAP systems including combined Upgrade-Unicode Conversion procedure, pure Unicode conversion, migration to SAP HANA database using Software Provisioning Manager, enhancement package installations, and support package stack installations with SUM tool.


SAP Upgrade Assessment

The SAP Upgrade Assessment performs a detailed technical analysis of core SAP system (ABAP stack only) to support the upgrade planning process. Indicators from analyzed focus areas highlighting potential risks, which can be covered by other premium engagement services will be highlighted, and a comprehensive overview of the required prerequisites for the upgrade, and the potential risks which can cause problems during the upgrade or enhancement package installation including the main effort drivers will be the outcomes of the service.


Operations Planning Workshop

The operations planning workshop is applicable when it is necessary to plan the implementation or optimization of the licensee Customer Center of Expertise, including efficient end-to-end solution operation processes in an IT landscape and support organization. The service offers a fit-gap analysis of the IT operations processes, and quality management roles and tools against SAP standards for solution operations and best practices in application lifecycle management. The service generates a common understanding of optimization areas and plans for moving ahead. It delivers an initial road map and action plan proposal for the identified optimization areas, including recommendations, timelines, services, and training courses.

2. Solution Management Optimization

Application Change Management

Software Change Management

The software change management service analyzes and provides recommendations for optimizing the software change management procedures. This includes technical and organizational aspects and provides recommendations based on best practices.


Change Control Management

This service is used to support implementation of the application lifecycle management process “Change Control Management” on a pilot basis at the licensee’s location. The pilot implementation addresses change request management (if necessary with flexible enhancements), synchronization of deployments, and central monitoring of all change activities.

Application Lifecycle Management

SAP IT Service Management

SAP IT Service Management incorporates the analysis of the current customer processes in the area of incident management, a blueprint proposal based on SAP Solution Manager, identifies required configurations, as well as the empowering of the customer. Considered SAP IT Service Management features are:
– ITIL-compliant incident and problem management process
– Role of Service level agreements
– Full text search
– Multi-level categorization


SAP Solution Documentation

The solution documentation service will provide:
– A description and assessment of two business processes with two fully documented business process steps
– Blueprint document and configuration guide for the application lifecycle management (ALM) rapid deployment solution service wave with information about the chosen design and necessary configuration
– An up-and-running simulation scenario
– A report summary of performed activities and additional learning map based on learning materials assigned to the ALM rapid deployment solution project


SAP Test Management

The SAP Test Management service incorporates the analysis of the current test management approach, a design proposal based on SAP Solution Manager and licensee’s third party tools, required configuration activities, and finally the setup of a prototype including knowledge transfer.


ALM Road Map

The ALM road map service incorporates the analysis of the licensee’s application lifecycle management situation and mapping to SAP Solution Manager architecture, strategy, and functionalities. The outcome of the ALM road map service are recommendations on how to improve the ALM processes and a plan on how to achieve those improvements.

Performance Optimization

SAP Remote Performance Optimization

SAP Remote Performance Optimization service helps eliminate performance problems that are already clearly located and identified.


SAP Business Process Performance Optimization

SAP Business Process Performance Optimization focuses on eliminating performance problems in core business processes caused by licensee programs, expensive SQL statements, ineffective use of SAP standard transactions, and unnecessary data processing.


SAP Volume Test Optimization

SAP Volume Test Optimization service helps to improve the reliability of volume testing results.


Continuity Management Optimization

The continuity management optimization service focuses on ITSCM. It provides recommendations to safeguard and optimize the technical availability of a licensee’s SAP implementation. It provides a licensee recommendations for providing a more reliable solution for operating systems and system landscape. This service addresses the aspects data availability, system availability, disaster precautions, disaster handling, and continuity of operations in case of a disaster or failure by providing:
– Workshops supporting knowledge transfer on technical continuity solutions as well as aspects of business continuity planning for SAP environments
– Reviews of a licensee’s solutions, concepts and procedures for business continuity
– Concept creation can be supported at different phases of a BCM project


Technical Performance Optimization

The technical performance optimization service provides recommendation to help improve the licensee’s SAP solution by helping the licensee configure the system in an optimal way. The identification and elimination of costly performance bottlenecks may optimize the response times and throughput of the SAP solution.


Performance and Scalability

The performance and scalability service checks the licensee solution against corresponding product, solution, and operation standards. Key aspects of this service are:

– Enablement of the end-to-end performance trace to identify the root cause of a performance issue in any landscape component

-Definition of and reporting approaches for business process KPIs (both performance KPIs such as response time and business-relevant KPIs such as number of overdue deliveries, number of billing documents not transferred to FI and so on).

An additional goal of the service is to aid in the implementation of job scheduling management before go-live.


Performance Baseline

This service helps the licensee control their system and end user performance by creating transparency. In addition, recommendations are provided and the results should serve as input for the test phase. The service is also used to establish a load profile before the migration that serves as a benchmark. For comparison, the performance and capacity behavior after the migration is assessed and recommendations for continuous improvement are provided.


Business Downtime Optimization

This service will help minimize business downtimes associated such as with OS/DB migrations, Unicode conversions, release upgrades or the implementation of support packages and enhancement packages. By analyzing each business step and its dependencies within the affected system landscape, this service supports efficient downtime planning and a reduction of the business impact during cutover. It helps in the selection of the most appropriate tools and methods to optimize the cutover plan and to reduce the impact on the availability of production critical processes.

Run SAP Like A Factory

Data Volume Management

Data volume management helps the licensee to set up and monitor a data volume management strategy. It defines how to manage and reduce future data growth and reduce existing database size. This is done through data avoidance, data summarization, data deletion, and data archiving.


Job Scheduling Management

This service will provide support to enable job scheduling management functionality on a licensee’s SAP Solution Manager system. The licensee will be enabled to configure and use this functionality as well as activate background jobs in scope.


Business Process Improvement

This service will provide recommendations to prepare a licensee’s SAP Solution Manager system for business process improvement functionality. These recommendations will enable the configuration of the business process improvement methodology for selected key figures for up to three processes, applications or value areas.


Performance Optimization

This service will provide recommendations to prepare a licensee’s SAP Solution Manager system for performance optimization functionality. These recommendations will enable the configuration and use of performance optimization.


Business Process Monitoring

This service will provide recommendations to prepare a licensee’s SAP Solution Manager system for business process monitoring functionality. These recommendations will enable the configuration and use of business process monitoring.


System, Database and Host Monitoring

The system, database and host monitoring service provides knowledge transfer regarding system, database and host monitoring configuration based on setup of guided procedures. The service provides recommendations on the technical background and architecture information necessary to understand system, database and host monitoring in deeper detail and will aid in the finalization of configuration/enhancement of system, database and host monitoring for defined scope in test and/or productive environment.


Technical Analytics and Dashboard

The technical analytics and dashboard service provides knowledge transfer regarding technical analytics and dashboard configuration based on setup of guided procedures. The service provides recommendations on the technical background and architecture information necessary to understand the technical analytics and dashboard in detail and will aid in the finalization of the configuration or enhancement of the technical analytics and dashboard for defined scope in test and/or productive environment.


SAP Operations Control Center Reporting and Dashboarding

The SAP Operations Control Center reporting and dashboarding service will identify the key performance indicators of the licensee IT services and define the reporting and the visualization mechanisms that will be used in the licensee organizations.

System Administration

SAP System Administration

SAP System Administration is most applicable when it is necessary to review the main aspects of the licensee’s system operations or extend and change the operations in relation to new or changed usage of technical components and optimize those which are critical.


SAP Security Optimization

The SAP Security Optimization service is designed to improve the security of the licensee’s SAP systems by identifying potential security issues and giving recommendations on how to improve the security of the system.


Security Focus Topic

The security focus topic service is a deep dive on a selected security focus topic as part of a licensee’s security road map.


Security Engagement

The security engagement service helps improve the security of SAP landscapes and consists of scoping, assessments, planning, and empowering sessions. SAP will provide recommendations on the improvement of policies, concepts, procedures and configurations all while empowering the customer to use available security tools and services.

3. Empowering

End-to-End Empowering Workshop

The “End-to-End Empowering Workshops” are designed to provide an overview of the Run SAP methodology and operational standards (end-to-end). They will help identify areas of improvement for the licensee support organizations, licensee limitations and challenges, up-skilling, and partner management. They will enable the definition of a Run SAP project plan for implementing mission-critical operations for the SAP centric solutions.

4. Solution Architect

Innovation Discovery and Design

The innovation discovery and design service offers an end-to-end package to support the discovery and design phase with a handover into a subsequent prototyping or realization planning phase of your future business models and processes (not limited to SAP components).
Innovation discovery and design leverages the established design thinking framework with low-fi prototyping as early validation point and allows for a transition into the next steps like the support of lab and in-market prototypes or the direct step into realization planning.

IT Planning

The IT planning service supports licensees in developing a technical architecture and IT infrastructure concept for SAP solutions (incl. HA/DR architecture, scalability and deployment proposal) – taking into account the licensee-specific boundary conditions and requirements (for example, availability demands, data center locations, preferred software or hardware partners).

Application Architecture Evaluation

The application architecture evaluation service provides strategic guidance and execution support in the area of process mapping to the SAP application portfolio. With a clear focus on process and data consistency, as well as solution supportability and operability, it adds the long-term sustainability aspects to projects and programs often driven by short term objectives. An analysis of key processes provides guidance for a robust and efficient process mapping. A comparison to known licensee precedence and best practices identifies risk areas and possible design flaws already in an early blueprint phase. Recommendations allow for adjusting the process flow before those flaws become issues.

Architecture and Technical Infrastructure

The architecture and technical infrastructure service will provide an analysis of the technical architecture of SAP HANA which supports the needs of the business. The recommendations will aid in establishing an infrastructure to support operations following the go-live and will be designed with the capability to scale with the business.

5. Landscape Transformation Management

SAP Test Data Migration Server Based Execution Support

The SAP Landscape Transformation TDMS Based Execution Support Service assists the licensee in the setup and execution of a test data migration project. SAP Test Data Migration Server (SAP TDMS) experts support the licensee with the installation and support of the adequate setup of SAP TDMS. They also support the SAP TDMS test runs and provide expert support for the resolution of issues (if any). In addition, they provide guided expertise to the licensee on test data migration. During the final SAP TDMS run, SAP TDMS experts are available as standby support.

Landscape Transformation Based Execution Support

The landscape transformation based execution support service assists the licensee in the setup and execution of a landscape transformation project. SAP transformation experts support the licensee with the installation and support the setup of the landscape transformation. They also support the test conversions and provide expert support for the resolution of issues (if any). In addition, they assist the licensee to build up transformation expertise. During go-live, SAP transformation experts are available as standby support.

Landscape Transformation Assessment

The landscape transformation assessment service assists the licensee in addressing transformation requirements. SAP transformation resources assess the requirements, reveal solution alternatives and recommend the most suitable solution approach. Based on the results of the assessment service, the licensee decides whether they want to carry out the transformation project. If so, the delivery of the subsequent landscape transformation setup, test conversion and go-live services are recommended.

6. Technical Implementation Support

Platform Design Support

Based on the initial design defined in the pre-requisite technical architecture workshop as well as additional input from the licensee, this service provides a detailed conceptual view of the technical architecture and infrastructure (hardware platform, HA/DR solution or review of existing solution, and if required: data scaling solution) for the SAP S/4HANA solution. A comprehensive sizing projection will be included as part of the service.

Transition to Operations

The transition to operations service will provide guidance on the IT support processes, tools and teams required for the licensee to safely and efficiently operate the migrated SAP solutions in its environment. SAP will assess the readiness of the customer’s IT support organization to handle the changes caused by the go-live of the new solution. SAP will provide input to a customer’s project plan that includes key activities to fill key IT operational gaps. SAP may propose an additional service plan to support the customer’s implementation of such gaps. SAP will help identify key gaps in the customer’s IT roles and responsibilities to support the new SAP environment and may propose a knowledge transfer plan to address such gaps.

Data Migration Design Support

This service provides step-by-step guidance for the detailed specification (blueprint) of data migration requirements (mappings, rules for selection and transformation) as well as for integration of preparative transformations and complementing activities, such as handling of WRICEF topics, archives, and cross system relations. This service also provides tailored advice to facilitate the design of a data migration approach and strategy for complex contexts or long-term considerations.

7. Functional Implementation Support

Custom Code Management

The custom code management service helps promote more efficient and effective custom code management. This service provides an analysis of all phases of the customer’s custom code lifecycle, followed by the creation of customer-tailored custom code management optimization road map proposal and may include implementation support. It covers classical custom code analysis, the custom code impact analysis and a comprehensive custom code remediation execution support.

Build Design Support

This service supports the licensee in the development of the to-be design for enterprise management functions based on predefined business scenarios. With this service, the licensee lays the foundation of an implementation based on predefined business scenarios that are key for companies active in various industries. The service enables a licensee to experience the simplification and innovation delivered by SAP S/4HANA across finance, sales, procurement and manufacturing line of businesses.
This can be performed based on an agile implementation approach as well as on a traditional waterfall implementation method. A key element to this services is a functional baseline to be established at the beginning of the service.

Analytics Design Support

This service helps licensee’s prepare for critical deployments of SAP Digital Boardroom and enables you to integrate emerging technologies securely with your existing investments.

In addition, we provide an understanding of the SAP Cloud for Analytics and clarify how it fits into your overall environment.

8. Innovative Business Solutions Support

Conflict Check and Resolution for Innovative Business Solutions

To assess ongoing compatibility of Features, which have been developed and delivered by SAP Innovative Business Solutions with the Base Software, Licensee may request SAP to investigate possible conflicts between the Features and subsequent SAP updates (e.g. SAP Support Packages, SAP Feature Packages etc.) that are made available for the Base Software. SAP may provide options and/or recommendations on how to rectify or avoid conflicts, if any.

Knowledge Transfer for Innovative Business Solutions

As part of this service SAP provides hands-on knowledge transfer of how to use, operate, and optimize the Features, which have been developed and delivered by SAP Innovative Business Solutions.

Enhancement Evaluation for Innovative Business Solutions

Having implemented the Features, which have been developed and delivered by SAP Innovative Business Solutions, or using them productively, Licensee may desire to extend or enhance the Features. As part of this service SAP will conduct an evaluation for potential extensions or enhancements to the Features.

9. Service Portfolio of SAP Prototyping Services


In order to properly plan and prepare your transition to the next level of digital business it is key to understand early the value of SAP S/4HANA innovations for your business solution. The prototyping approach enables you to evaluate the solution in a shorter time frame with your real business scenarios using your real data, thereby enabling you to more quickly validate the value addition, identify and mitigate risks, if any, at an early stage and more efficiently plan your IT investments.

Scoping Empowering Service

With the scoping empowering service, SAP will assist the licensee in creating a potential project scope scenario.  Based on that scenario, SAP will assist the licensee in creating a project scope to be further developed into a project plan proposal. Quantifiable goals will be documented.  The licensee is responsible for aligning the documented goals or benefits with necessary stakeholders.  Implementation services are not included.

Configuration Check Service

With the configuration check service, SAP will assist the licensee in reviewing the configuration of the hardware.  As a result SAP will provide recommendations for installation, configuration, improvement of performance, data consistency, and maintainability.  The licensee must make necessary arrangements to schedule this service prior to the start of rapid prototyping.

Customer Development Empowering Service

With the customer development empowering service, SAP will assist the licensee in applying SAP standards to licensee-desired developments and enhancements (such as data marts and mobile solution) to help with technical readiness and maintainability.  In addition, advice will be given to the licensee on how to support the “customer build” with SAP technologies from customers and partners.

Testing and Verification Check Service

With the testing and verification check service, SAP will assist the licensee in measuring the success of rapid prototyping against the predefined criteria defined as part of the scoping empowering service.  In case of performance or throughput issues, SAP will offer recommendations in order to better optimize the capabilities of the new SAP technologies.

Orchestration and Transition Empowering Service

With the orchestration and transition empowering service, SAP will offer recommendations on to help the licensee transform the rapid prototyping solution into productive operations.  In addition, the SAP HANA/SLT/SUP/Gateway Infrastructure will be cross-checked with respect to various aspects, including SSD, WAN, LAN, User Interface and Gateways.

SAP Bank Simulation Empowering Service

With the bank simulation empowering service, SAP will enable the licensee’s IT team in the use of the separately licensed SAP Bank Simulation. The applications and main processes of SAP Bank Simulation are introduced.  SAP Solution Manager and other tools for monitoring and operating an SAP banking solution are presented.  Participants will work hands-on in SAP Bank Simulation during this service.

10. Digital Design Zone Services as part of SAP Leonardo Innovation Services enterprise edition

Innovation Discovery Workshop

The Innovation Discovery Workshop is a design thinking workshop with customer business, IT and user representation to validate and refine the selected digital opportunity from an executive exploration workshop developing the initial to-be process value proposition and sketching a low-fidelity prototype.  The workshop is held in a creative space determined with consideration of customer location and availability of appropriate facilities.

Digital Design Zone Proof-of-Concept

The Digital Design Zone proof-of-concept will transform the sketched low-fidelity prototype from the Innovation discovery workshop into a design prototype (mock-up) and develop initial sample non-productive coding in the SAP Cloud Platform within the Digital Design Zone phase to support assessment of the feasibility of the digital opportunity.

Any references to best practices, optimization or innovation are not intended to suggest identification or resolution of all such opportunities or maximum improvements or any specific outcomes.